Why Not?

We believe that for every question asking "Why?", there is a legitimate response of "Why Not?"

Every innovative journey has started with questioning the status quo and beginning to search for new solutions. This is the essence of what we do at R2M2 Innovations. We never stop asking the question 'Why Not?" along with beginning the process of looking for solutions. If you are interested in questioning the status quo and finding solutions, contact us and let's work together.

Our Vision

Curiosity and Disruption with Empathy

Advancement in technology has allowed us to re-examine every industry, taking another look and seeing how the partnership of technology can help improve and further advance the targeted industry. We believe that every industry is ripe for disruptive innovation. We do not believe in introducing technology for the sake of using technology; however when appropriate, the synergy between technology and innovation can help advance and propel the market to another level.

This is the basis of our group and the core to our mission statement. We believe in “questioning everything” and “disrupting wisely”. Our approach to every problem is to observe from every angle and provide solutions for the immediate problem while thinking of solutions for the future.

Our Experience

Our experience in a variety of industries can help you advance yours

We are not limited or bound by any specific industry. Our mission is to help our clients remove the impediments that block them from future innovative solutions. Our experience in the finance, healthcare, IoT, software, news & media, and education industry have allowed us to help our clients overcome their obstacles and create solutions and improve their products and services.


Our Process

Part technology incubator and part innovation lab, in order to find a solution to a problem or innovate a better way of doing something, we have to know the product or service intimately. We accept different types of projects into our portfolio. Our projects can be initiated internally or externally. The criteria for acceptance of projects, whether they originate internally or externally, is the same. We require:

Market Analysis

Proof of Concept (POC) project plan: An outline of the time and budget needed for the POC of the project.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) project plan: An outline of the time and budget for the MVP of the project.

Revenue Stream

Expansion plan

Exit Strategy