Hire Aspirations Program

A New Solution for Tech Hiring

Hiring for technology is highly competitive and often subject to changes to the best practices. With the Hire Aspirations program, hiring teams can focus on what matters to hire any position, not the trending changes. This program is for hiring teams ready to supercharge their processes and hire with ease.

Proven Techniques – The program is based on experience in the tech industry and is deployed successfully by numerous companies.
Comprehensive Program – The Hire Aspirations program teaches everything departments need to know and helps tailor the results to every company.
Fast Timeline – In ten working days, hiring teams will feel confident deploying the program and establishing their own practices

Innovative Practices

Our signature Hire Aspirations program breaks down precisely what makes a good hiring process.

Adaptability – Hire Aspirations is adaptable to any size company in the tech sector, no matter the stage
Intuitive–Program participants will understand how the lessons apply to their company and the applications
Innovation Focused – Hire Aspirations focuses on adaptable and innovative techniques to put companies ahead

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How the Hire Aspirations Program Works

This Hire Aspirations program uses small groups and individualized instruction to deliver this revolutionary two-week program. Each session is packed with content to help your team create the perfect hiring process for your tech recruiting.

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Setting the Stage

Building the hiring team is the first step toward conquering hiring. Finding the right combination of an HR representative, recruiter, hiring manager, and interviewer(s) makes an enormous difference. From there, it’s time to assign responsibilities, like writing an amazing job description.

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Interview Pre-Planning

This session focuses on creating the foundation for your team’s responsibilities and communication practices, both within the team and to the candidates, during each stage of the hiring process. These steps are critical for a successful hiring process.

Managing the Influx

Once resumes start coming in, implementing the communication established in the previous section is crucial. This step teaches how to scale all these steps quickly to match the number of resumes you get.

Getting to Know Each Other

This series focuses on the interview process and how to maximize the limited opportunities to interview applicants. Your team will be able to craft a comprehensive plan for each position to meet your needs.

Sharing Feedback

This day focuses on how to handle offers and rejections, as well as wrapping up any questions about the process. At this point, participants should feel confident using the hiring process.

Practical Consultation

The second week of the program focuses on the application of the segments of the hiring process in different combinations of teams. This practical simulation expands and cements the knowledge gained in training.

The Hire Aspirations Program Investment

R2M2 Innovations offers our signature Hire Aspirations program in two-week blocks with up to ten attendees in the room. You may also contact us for a different program arrangement for your business.